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What Branding Experts Think About Coca-Cola’s New Product-Centric Campaign

Co-Founder Adam Padilla and branding experts discuss how Coke’s new tagline increases product-brand connectivity.

BrandFire Chief Credits N.Y.C. Darwinism for Weeding Out “Lesser” Startups

When it comes to branding, BBDO and Leo Burnett are major agencies with a lot of clout, but Adam Padilla is looking to give them a run for their money.

BrandFire CEO Explains the Business Reason Why He Draws Amazingly Detailed Sketches and Posts Them to Instagram Every Day

What started as out a one-year personal challenge to soothe a creative itch has turned into a long-running project with a positive effect on BrandFire’s creative work environment.

#LikeAGirl: 5 Female Empowerment Ads Are Shaking Up The Status Quo

#ActuallySheCan featured in Elite Daily’s top 5 female empowerment campaigns.

Creating New Consumer Behaviors from the Ground Up

Co-Founder Adam Padilla shares how brands can leverage consumers’ existing habits, rather than trying to create new ones.

Allergan Launches ‘Actually She Can’ Ad Campaign

BrandFire helps pharmaceutical company Allergan PLC to talk to millennial women in their own language with an unbranded campaign: #ActuallySheCan