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Memers Have a New Campaign Aimed at Getting Trump Out of Office

Meme 2020, the social media collective that supported Michael Bloomberg’s presidential primary run, is back with a new focus: mail-in ballot registration.

American Girl walks back criticism of Karen doll

Last month, Adam Padilla, better known as Adam the Creator, riled up the Karen population of the internet when he made an image of an American Girl “Karen” doll. 

Memes vs. Cartoons with Adam Padilla and legendary cartoonist Matt Wuerker

Adam Padilla, the man behind the meme account Adam the Creator, talks to Politico’s Matt Wuerker in the latest Punchlines about the evolution of political satire.

Laugh Away The Apocalypse With These 15 Coronavirus Memes

We asked @adam.the.creator his favorite works from the last few weeks, annotate them—and explain the art of silliness during a serious time.

Adam Padilla featured on New Age Influencers Podcast

Founder Adam Padilla shares insights on branding in the digital age, the story of how his viral meme account got started, and best practices for growing an account on social.

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