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Case Study: Roadway Moving

A 500% increase in organic leads

BrandFire did a comprehensive brand launch for Roadway Moving that positioned the company as ‘A nicer way to move.’ Our ad campaign increased organic leads by 500% and year-over-year new customer acquisition is up 120%. The website we designed now converts 45% of site visitors, and improved the bounce rate by 20%. BrandFire’s brand refresh and ad campaign have been credited for helping the company deliver its best year to date.

The challenge

Roadway Moving operates in a very competitive industry with a focus on price. The competition offers lower rates than Roadway which attracts customers. And while the competition often upsets and adds charges at the end of the move, they have already acquired the client’s business. So how does Roadway acquire and keep customers when they are not able to offer low prices up front in the consultation phase of a move?

Our approach

The main consumer insight is that moving day should be a joyful and exciting time for people, but it is actually a source of great stress and emotional pain. We developed a brand platform and promise that Roadway is “Bringing the joy back to moving day.” We activated the key consumer insight with a new tagline — “A nicer way to move” — and a new visual identity, and spread the brand message with a transit campaign, a newly branded fleet of moving trucks, redesigned uniforms and a new website.


Roadway sales and consultation inquiries spiked the moment the new fleet of trucks went out on the street. The transit campaign resulted in a 300% increase in leads and a 500% increase in organic Google search. The website redesign improved bounce rate by 20% and increased pages visited per session by 25%. The campaign will be extended through 2016.