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Case Study: Tom Brady's TB12

The next global sports brand.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a 5x Super Bowl champion and 4x Super Bowl MVP. He is one of the most celebrated athletes of his time and possibly the greatest football player in the history of the NFL. He had everything – except a brand.

The challenge

Tom Brady is among a handful of athletes who transcend their sports. LeBron James. Michael Jordan. Tiger Woods. Each of those athletes has his own world-class brand. Tom Brady sits among those athletes not just with regards to their on-field exploits – but with their off-field brand recognition and earning potential.

Our approach

We were tasked to create a brand identity that could sit on shelves next to Jordan’s Jumpman, Tiger’s TW and LeBron’s LJ “crown.” An iconic symbol that would live beyond the football field and allow Tom to activate his brand across all aspects of sports and performance. We assessed Tom’s brand equity and audience, and synthesized our findings in a timeless mark that set the standard for athletes’ brands across the globe.


At age 39 and with a world-class personal brand ready to be launched and leveraged, Tom Brady is uniquely positioned to be the next major global sports brand. Tom recently launched his TB12 Peak Performance training method, TB12 training center, TB12 foundation and a branded apparel partnership between TB12 and Under Armour.