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Adam Padilla ‘The Branding Insider’ on Beyonce’s Lemonade

Is Beyonce’s Lemonade a brilliant PR stunt? Adam Padilla ‘The Branding Insider’ discusses the pop culture phenomenon on CBS.

How Trump Rebranded the GOP

Co-Founder Adam Padilla speaks to Politico Magazine about how Trump has given a face to the faceless Republican party.

Adam Padilla as “The Branding Insider” on CBS on Maria Sharapova’s Brand Endorsements

Co-Founder Adam Padilla comments on how news of Maria Sharapova’s failed drug test will impact her brand partnerships.

Adam Padilla on the ‘Kanye Clause’ and Kardashian brand partnerships

Adam Padilla shares his branding insights on what the ‘Kanye Clause’ means for Kardashian brand partnerships on The Insider on CBS.

Adam Padilla on Trump’s Personal Brand

Trump??s decision to boycott the debate takes a toll on his personal brand.

Adam Padilla Shares How To Apologize Correctly

BrandFire CEO Adam Padilla analyzes Steve Harvey’s apology and shares advice relevant to people and brands alike: how to apologize correctly.

Why The Beatles Needed Digital Streaming to Maintain Their Brand

Co-Founder Adam Padilla discusses Universal Music Group’s decision to release The Beatles’ library for streaming and why it makes sense from a branding perspective.

Adam Padilla on Bravo’s Manzo’d with Children

Co-Founder Adam Padilla worked with Caroline Manzo to develop packaging for her new BBQ sauce Caroline’s Kitchen.