We make brands bang. People either connect with your brand on a real level or couldn’t care less. If you aren’t sure if people are feeling you, they aren’t. We can fix that.

Our approach

Creative is king. It has the power to disrupt your competition, bring your brand into the conversation, and make people take action.

We are a social-first creative agency. We bring a new way of thinking about brands and content – putting consumers and the culture they live in at the forefront. We know what the internet is buzzing about at any given moment, and use this intel to build brands and social-driven campaigns as fresh as the world we live in.

Strategy + Positioning

  • Industry + competitive analysis
  • Target audience analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality

Our approach to positioning is grounded in understanding trends in your industry, your brand equities and your competitive landscape. We land on a powerful value proposition for your brand, your reason-for-being. We take a close look your competitors, both direct and indirect (because branding is zero-sum game) and position your brand in a territory that's both ownable and authentic (because today's consumers can smell bullsh*t from a mile away). We'll set you up to take full advantage of the market opportunity you see now, and to take full advantage of opportunities that come up in the future.

Brand Identity + Packaging

  • Naming, tagline + messaging
  • Logo + visual identity
  • Packaging + point-of-sale
  • Brand guidelines

We'll build you a brand that captures who you are today, and your vision for the brand in the future. As part of our process, we glean insights from your competitors' branding, and from great brands in parallel industries that serve as our inspiration. The logo we create for you will give consumers an immediate sense of your brand's DNA, and the messaging will give your brand a voice, a persona to which your consumers can relate. Your brand identity will serve as a platform from which your business can boom.

Advertising + Digital

  • Digital + traditional campaigns
  • Website design + development
  • App UI/UX design
  • Media planning + buying

We create cross-platform campaigns that can't be ignored. Whether you're looking to connect emotionally or rationally, sell a luxury product or a commodity, we'll develop a campaign with a powerful point of view. Our campaigns live across traditional, digital, and social media to bring your message to your consumers at every relevant touchpoint.

Real-Time Social Media

  • Community management + real-time social content
  • Viral campaign planning
  • Creator activation
  • Content amplification

Culture moves lightning quick. For content to really resonate with your audience, your brand needs to move at the same speed. From our social listening to content creation and influencer activation, BrandFire is expert at creating memes and related content in real-time, as new cultural moments surface and break. Our paid social amplification plans are optimized in real-time, which helps us elevate your brand's content to the level of cultural moments at the flick of a switch.

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