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Case Study: Native State Foods

A new way to wake up

The founders of the company came to us with a great idea for a new hot cereal based on the traditional Central American recipe of pinole which is made from purple maize. We helped them position and package it for the masses.

The challenge

Breakfast is a crowded category with some very established players. The company would need to educate consumers on a totally new product and ingredient.

Our approach

The mission: encourage people to make a switch in their daily regimen. Specifically, we needed to get people to move from their hot real or oatmeal – probably Quaker – to something entirely new. We developed the name Native State which drafted off of pinole’s history as an Aztec super food like chia.

We then designed a packaging line for the four SKUs that communicated a modern, healthy and athletic brand that would fit within people’s lives. A strong image of product delivered appetite appeal and the language and iconography communicated the powerful nutrition profile.


The brand identity and packaging have helped Native State place Purely Pinole in stores across the country and have put the company at the forefront of the purple foods trend.