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Case Study: Spanx

Helping a shapewear brand shape and maintain its message

Spanx exploded from an idea by its founder Sara Blakely, into a billion-dollar company that created an entirely new industry — shapewear. As the company and its products grew in popularity, it needed to expand the scope of its offerings and develop sub-brands to accommodate its widely different product lines.

The challenge

Spanx had enormous success very quickly out of the gate. This resulted in very fast expansion of their product selection in an effort to maintain loyalty with current customers while offering new products to new targets. The speed of the brand’s expansion left little time for developing consistency across brands and SKUs.

Our approach

Spanx brought in BrandFire to look at several of their product lines and develop consistent messaging and packaging across the entire brand spectrum. We delivered a new package exploratory using their Assets and Higher Power lines to develop a messaging hierarchy and a template for packaging “indicators” that would instantly communicate the unique benefit of each product — all while painting a consistent look across all of its high end and affordable products.


Spanx is the number one women’s shapewear company in the world, and they have called on BrandFire to explore branding, messaging and packaging for men’s products and the brand extensions.