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Case Study: Health Warrior

Helping a healthy brand win the daily battle

Health Warrior came to us with the all-powerful Chia seed. At the time Chia was known by most people from the Chia Pet. We helped them develop a logo and brand that would position the company as a maker of superfood-based snacks and bars that help people “win the daily battle.”

The challenge

How do you sell a superfood that was previously known as a novelty “as seen on tv” product? Our partners at Health Warrior knew they were early on the Chia movement with Chia seeds’ incredible nutritional profile — omegas, protein, and a connection to the Tarahumara Indians made famous in the book Born to Run. But they needed to overcome the Chia Pet connotations.

Our approach

BrandFire worked with the Health Warrior founders to develop a platform that would communicate the amazing benefits of Chia in a way that would distance the products entirely from the previous meaning — and establish a powerful new meaning for the word Chia. The brand was developed around the insight that every day is a struggle to make the right nutritional choices. It is a battle to be waged and won with the right brand to help inspire you. The Health Warrior brand was created along with the tagline “win the daily battle” and a visual brand identity and logo character that stands for the empowerment of healthy nutritional choices.


Health Warrior is the number one Chia brand, and it has helped to establish Chia as the next superfood. It is the number one seller in Whole Foods and has drawn the attention of global health food brands for acquisition.