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Case Study: Pretzel Crisps

Creating the iconic name and branding that revolutionized the snack category.

Pretzel Crisps® have been sold in America’s deli section since 2004. Snack Factory created Pretzel Crisps as “a modern twist on an old favorite.” The brand and messaging created a completely new category – the deli snack.

The challenge

“Snacks” are a multi-billion dollar category dominated by household names that spend millions of dollars each year advertising and securing shelf space. The shelves of supermarkets are subject to the laws of supply and demand. Once a nationally-known snack has planted its flag on a shelf, that placement is self-reinforcing, multiplying sales within its space and effectively shutting out new entrants. So how does a new product find space in a supermarket within this highly competitive and prohibitive environment?

Our approach

For Snack Factory, we employed a blue ocean strategy: go where the other snacks and chips aren’t — the deli section. The snack aisle is a multi-colored circus of world-famous pretzels, chips, crackers, and all manner of beloved salty products and brands. While Pretzel Crisps truly had a unique selling proposition, that proposition was more sophisticated than the average snack product.

We positioned the brand and its products as deli snacks. They are more sophisticated — designed for dips, spreads, and to be put out “for company.” They’re a completely new twist on an old favorite. New twist, new aisle, new category. First we developed a new name: Pretzel Crisps. Simple, descriptive, and able to powerfully communicate the brand and product promise.

We developed a platform that communicated to the world that Pretzel Crisps are a snack for people with elevated tastes and more upscale occasions for use. We dressed the brand for success. Pinstripes. Script logo. We left behind the screaming oranges and reds of the snack aisle for cooler blues and greens. We communicated to the the world that Pretzel Crisps had something more to offer than the old snacks in the chip aisle. Every piece of communication, from the package to P.O.S. to sales materials, communicated the idea that Pretzel Crisps are the world’s first deli snack.


Pretzel Crisps established a completely new category — the deli snack. In doing so, it attracted a nationwide audience and became a household brand. It ventured into new territory and elevated the entire snacking experience. In 2012, Snack Factory LLC, the company behind Pretzel Crisps, was sold to snack maker Snyder’s-Lance Inc. for $340 million.