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Case Study: Marquis Jet

Introducing the world's first private jet card

Marquis Jet is the world’s first private jet card, selling NetJets 25 hours at a time. The company introduced private travel to a high net worth customer who was caught between first-class commercial travel and jet ownership.

The challenge

Marquis Jet sells a product with a price range from $120,000 for 25 hours on a Citation jet to $500,000 for 25 hours of flight time on a Boeing Business Jet. It’s a major price point, even for the high net worth individual that Marquis was going after. It would not suffice to sell the brand on the premise that it’s better than first-class travel. It wasn’t enough to say Marquis offered customers the ability to bypass lines at the airport. Or the luxury to never again go to their local commercial airport. Those are all powerful, rational reasons, but Marquis Jet needed an even higher-level emotional brand promise.

Our approach

Marquis targets high net worth individuals with assets in excess of $5,000,000 — CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes, and those who had previously been using charter service to avoid the pain points associated with commercial travel.

The Marquis customer has the money to buy all of life’s luxuries and they are accustomed to the highest levels of service and convenience. So what can we offer them that will truly make a difference in their lives? Time. What we helped Marquis sell was “the luxury of time.”

Each piece of communication, from the website we designed to the ads we wrote to the direct mail pieces we created, communicated the offering of time. Time to be with your family. Time for a CEO to visit three offices on three cities in one day. Time to be home for dinner in New York when you’re in Chicago at 3pm. Marquis gave to their customer that one thing that money previously couldn’t buy.


Marquis Jet spawned an entire industry of fractional private jet travel and became the standard bearer of private jet card safety, quality and luxury. The brand was embraced by professional athletes including Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, corporate leaders and celebrities. At its height, the company had 4,000 customers and revenue approaching one billion dollars. Marquis Jet was fully acquired by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 2010 for an undisclosed sum.