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Case Study: Budweiser

Connecting Budweiser to the FIFA 2014 World Cup

Budweiser was lead sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Multiple sub-brands were created to activate the brand on- and off-premise in numerous countries with multiple functions. BrandFire was brought in to develop identity for Budweiser Nation, the core FIFA Bud brand and the develop a set of guidelines that would create the standards for worldwide activation.

The challenge

The World Cup and the world’s most popular beer created an enormous partnership that would be activated on- and off-premise and require sub-brands along with a consistent look and feel.

Our approach

With people at different ends of the globe working on the partnership, the brands needed a set of guidelines that designers and activation teams would adhere to in order to maintain consistency across touchpoints. BrandFire was also asked to create logos for two of the main FIFA/Budweiser sub-brands: Rise as One and Bud Nation. We then created a brand toolkit that armed everyone who touched the brand with a set of assets and a usage guide that they used to activate the brand at each point of contact.


AB InBev Global Sports & Entertainment had extraordinary results with their campaign and were able to maintain a powerfully consistent message across numerous platforms, including the Budweiser Hotel in Rio, Rose as One and Budweiser Man of the Match. More than 3 million units of beer were sold, and the organization plans to extend the partnership in 2018.