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Case Study: North Memorial Health

Branding the hospital system that called out healthcare.

BrandFire was tasked with disrupting the entire healthcare industry for North Memorial Health, an independent health system in Minneapolis on a mission to deliver unmatched customer service. We executed a brand relaunch campaign that put all other health systems in the Twin Cities, and in the world, on their heels, leveraging sarcasm and hard truth to comment on the state of healthcare today.  View spots at AdWeek.

The challenge

The overall task was to roll out a new brand identity and creative campaign across an entire healthcare system including 2 hospitals and 25 clinics with more than 2 million patients. North Memorial Health offers a level of care equal to that of other hospital systems in the Twin Cities and saw an opportunity to differentiate with a brand and strategy focused on customer experience. With an awareness that healthcare is broken and a desire to fix it, North Memorial Health needed a bold campaign to bring the new brand to life.

The approach

We developed a cross-platform campaign that communicated North Memorial Health’s recognition of healthcare industry-wide problems including long wait times, complicated bills and doctors with god complexes. The campaign includes an outdoor domination of the Twin Cities, TV, radio, print, digital, social and guerrilla marketing and accompanied by a complete brand overhaul. We crafted the tagline ‘that’s better’ to encompass everything North Memorial Health is doing differently, and the system’s desire to cure the ailing healthcare system. And to activate the brand on social, we created a branded healthstyle blog, Better Health News.

The results

The campaign became a national news story within hours of its launch. With a $3mm+ media spend, the campaign is set to collect over 1B impressions during the initial launch phase, and target 1 million new patient visits for the fiscal year.